Breathless, Rockin' and Rollin' in Greece

Breathless were formed on 2003 in Thessaloniki, Greece from West and East sides of the City. Their only motive was the true love for Rock 'N' Roll music and their willing to play this music as much as possible.

Breathless' music is influenced by two main music forces. The Original '50s Rockabilly music and the '70s and '80s Neo - Rockabilly Sound. So take on your one hand Elvis, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette Trio, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry and on your other hand the Stray Cats, the Polecats, the Jets and Crazy Cavan and you got The Breathless Sound.

Breathless have played many times in Thessaloniki, in the music scene "MESOGEIOS" , while they also appeared numerous times in "XYLOURGEIO" CLUB in MYLOS. They performed live in the Second International Rock & Roll Festival in Thessaloniki "WHITE BOPPIN' TOWER 2" playing aside some really great names of the international Rockabilly scene - as Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks from Netherlands, the Jungle Tigers from Spain, the Tri - Sonics from Germany and others - while they also opened the very successful gig of the world famous Sue Moreno (from Netherlands) and Black Raven (from Germany), on February 2008. They also played in Athens in ANN CLUB along with The Rockets in great acceptance by the audience. Furthermore they appeared in Kavala and in Sarti in Summer 2008 while huge success followed their Debut Album's presentation in Thessaloniki on October 2008. More live appearances are being planned for the future with the first big gig to be on December 2008 where they will make their Album's presentation at the Blue Fox Café in Athens.

Besides their numerous appearances, Breathless are also present on Radio, TV and in press. On May 2006 their name is mentioned - among others - in an article dedicated to the Rock & roll scene in Greece in the "POP & ROCK" magazine. The following March they give their first Radio interview on "RAINBOW 89.00 FM" where they also play unplugged some tracks live , while on May 2008 they are present again on a new article about Greek Rockabilly on the magazine "DIFONO" . On same October they make their first TV appearance on ANT1 Channel at "Radio Arvyla" TV show where they perform "What To Do!". Their interviews continue with their most recent one being on the newspaper "THE NEWS" and many more are being prepared through press and Internet.

Breathless' first song "What To Do!" came out on May 2006 in the Compilation CD "ENJOY THE GREEKS VOL.2" that included songs from Greek bands in English lyrics. The CD came out along with "POP & ROCK" magazine selling more than 10.000 copies (!!!) aroun' Greece. Their second track "Out Of Your Door" comes out on August 2006 in the compilation CD "WHITE BOPPIN' TOWER VOL.2" that also included tracks from other bands that took part in the same -titled festival. This CD travelled in many Countries outside Greece- among others in England, Germany, Italy, Spain and Argentina!!! After these two efforts Breathless recorded their debut Album with the title "BREATHLESS IN THEIR VERY FIRST TAKE" including 12 tracks from which two covers and ten originals. The Album is released by On Stage Records and is prepared to be published all over Europe in Germany, England, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland and Belgium while orders are most possible to reach Japan and maybe U.S.A. !!!

Future Plans:
In order to promote the new Album, Breathless are going to perform in many Towns all over Greece while more Interviews and TV appearances will follow. Apart from that, the release of the CD in many European Countries may lead to further plans for gigs outside Greece.


Breathless are:
Manos Wild - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Johnny Iron - Lead Guitar
Adriano Rell - Bass
Crazy Chris - Drums

More information: 

Courtesy of Manos Wild, 2008
Used with permission

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