Charlie Thompson & The Emeralds, Original Sun Sound

It all started in the spring of 1999. Randy of Randy Rich & The Poorboys moved his studio to a better location and bought some more helpful vintage equipment. His dream was to recreate the legendary Sun sound. Finally after many phone calls he had a great bunch of top musicians and Sun fanatics together to organise a recording session. The only problem was that the six members of this new band came from four different towns in England and Germany. Two gigs were organised to get the money for the flights back.

In January 2000 the recordings were done on one weekend. The result and the more than successful gigs convinced the Emeralds to stay together and to keep this unique band alive. Their live shows impressed even the biggest purists in the rock 'n' roll scene. They are one of the few bands around who perform with a real acoustic piano to get the genuine 50s feeling and sound.

In February 2001 they were booked to back Glenn Honeycutt on his European Tour. To perform with one of their heroes of the legendary Sun label was surely something special for the guys. Many people praised the band for the excellent job they did on that tour. So it was just a question of time, and promoters of rock 'n' roll festivals started to book Charlie Thompson & The Emeralds.

In 2001 they will headline shows in France, Sweden, Switzerland and other European countries. The first EP was recently released on Fairlane Records. It includes the four songs, that were recorded at their first recording session in Rostock. The next big step for the band was a tour in the United States in March 2001, where they also played at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival. Charlie Thompson & the Emeralds have the ability to combine excellent musicianship with a highly entertaining stage show that leaves every audience thrilled.

As far as I'm concerned, this band really did succeed in recreating the original Sun sound on their first EP. It's a fabulous collectors item and a gem for any livingroom jukebox. Too bad you will have to cut a bigger hole in it yourself, I guess the manufacturer doesn't have a jukebox himself. The tracks on this vinyl are: Defrost Your Heart (Charlie Feathers) / Jukebox Perl (Pete Nantz) / Chains Of Love (Gene Simmons) / Treat Me Right (Kenny Parchman). Down right jewels, all of 'em! Let's hope these guys do a full length CD real soon...

The band members are:
Charlie Thompson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Gregory T. Nash - Doghouse Bass
Axel Praefcke - Lead Guitar
Tina Hoehne - Drums
Martin Viahn - Steel Guitar
Randy Rich - Piano

Contact information:
Randy Rich
112 Bargery Road
London SE6 2LW (UK)

Tel. +44 208 697 3005

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001
Additional information by Randy Rich