The Crickets Sound Project, Modern Vintage

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Take the sound and spirit of The Crickets (during and after their time with Buddy), add the Buddy Holly vibe and dynamism, the 60's Crickets harmonies, some Ray Charles mojo, the Backing Vocals like that of The Picks/ The Roses, the melodicity of Buddy Holly/The Everly's songs, the lyrical drama of Hank Williams... Bring it all forward 50 years, add some Rock & Blues and you'll have... The Crickets Sound Project, "Modern Vintage".

The Crickets Sound Project are quite unique. Although they play The Crickets songs, (57/58 & early 60's) exactly like they sounded on record, they also play their own "original" material, very much in the vein of Buddy Holly/The Crickets, with a contemporary feel, hopefully, doing their bit to keep the music alive.

Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist Pete Carroll, has signed umpteen Music Publishing Contracts with music Publishers in the USA and is in the process of writing 16 new songs for their forthcoming album "Rollercoaster" - Hopefully out by March 2010.

Pete's Buddy/Crickets Tribute song "Keep On Shining On" has been featured on the Radio in the UK and Europe and his cover of The Crickets classic "It's So Easy", has been played on KDAV Radio in Lubbock, Texas, hometown of Buddy & The Crickets.

The Crickets Sound Project began when Pete, a long time Buddy/Crickets fan, recorded the songs that inspired him to pick up a guitar 24 years ago in Glasgow, Scotland. Pete had studied Sound/Video Production and Music Technology at college in the early 1990's, but it wasn't until 2007 that he recorded all his Buddy/Crickets covers on his Home Recording set up. Pete produced all the tracks ( sang all the Vocals, 3-way Backing Vocals, played all Guitars, Bass, Piano, Drum Sequencing, String Arrangements, Organ, Percussion, and he also Recorded, Produced and mixed them all too. Since then, Pete has singed umpteen Music Publishing Contracts with Music Publishers in the USA, currently has a song on an album, released by a Nashville Record Label and has recently been asked to Tour with former Crickets lead singer, Jerry Naylor, for his "Rockabilly Legends" UK Tour in March 2010. Jerry sang on the 60's Cricket's hits "Teardrops Fall Like Rain", "My Little Girl", "Please Don't Ever Change". Jerry also wants to record with Pete in 2010.

With 16 or so new "original" songs earmarked for Pete's debut album "Rollercoaster", under The Crickets Sound Project, it's quite possibly the "best" Buddy Holly / Crickets related album ever !!! The remaining members of all the Backing Vocal Groups, who sang on all the Buddy Holly & The Crickets hits (The Picks, Gary & Ramona Tollett), have agreed to sing backing vocals on the album !!

Pete, originally from Glasgow, currently based in The Scottish Borders, is in the process of moving to Stockholm, Sweden and is looking for a label to help bring out the album.

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Courtesy of Pete Carroll, 2010
Used with permission