David Lynn Moore, Rockabilly Extraordinaire

Introducing: "Hillbilly Dave" Moore
Song Writer, Producer, Studio Musician, Performer

Rockabilly Dave is a product of Appalachian America. Growing up in a family of musicians, Dave spent his early years listening to old hillbilly tunes and singing in church. Dave's dad, a fundamentalist Christian Minister, was a hot fiddle player just before World War II. Those old 78 rpm records and photos of his dad's band were some of Dave's earliest memories. At the age of nine, Dave received his first guitar and over the next 5 years, Dave mastered 14 musical instruments.

Dave has always been extremely interested in hillbilly, early country and rockabilly music. His cited influences include Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe, Bill Haley and Carl Perkins. His musical style has been equated to Charlie Feathers and has been called "one of the finest rockabilly guitarists in the U.S.".

Dave also owns roots music monster record label Wild Hare Records and has supported many rockabilly acts through the years including historic artists Vernon Taylor, Billy Adams, Roc LaRue, Ron Berry, Joe Penny and Pat Cupp and more. To date, Dave has been heard on over 40 professional music releases and on over 300 songs!

As for live performances, Dave has appeared at many festivals in the US, Europe and Japan over the past 10 years and will be featured on a Nictune Records CD entitled Bop Brothers with Sweden’s Fireball Steven in the Spring of 2012. To support this new release Dave will be appearing with Fireball Steven in Sweden, Japan and select spots in the US during 2012.

Additionally, Dave's bands "The Hillbilly Huxters" and "The Hayride Trio" are now booking appearances all over the US.

Updated information provided by David Moore 2013, used with permission.

David Moore
Phone: +1 (304) 433-5865

Introduction by John S. Newbraugh:
To some folks Rockabilly Music is a genre of music. To David L. Moore it is a way of life. Born on September 16, 1959 in Waynesboro, Pa., Dave is one of four children of Paul and Bernieta Moore. Music has always been a part of Moore's life. His dad played fiddle for the BAR- M- BOYS from Cascade, Maryland ( circa 1939). Paul Moore has also served as a church minister for over 50 years, so Dave's roots lie deep in both secular and gospel music.

Dave's first guitar was a gift from his parents for Christmas of 1968. He recalls struggling with the instrument at first, but then a bizarre chain of events took place. As the young lad lay sleeping one night in 1974, he dreamed that he could play anything he desired on his guitar. He got up from his bed and went to his parent's living room. Upon plugging his guitar into his small amp he found that his dream had come true and he indeed could play the instrument. He also found that he could play many other stringed instruments including the upright bass, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dulcimer, dobro, and steel guitar. As a child Dave's family moved 13 times but, despite the change of venues, Dave's interest in music grew and grew. He fancied both the older hillbilly songs and the rock numbers from the 1950's.

The first organized group that Dave performed with was The Wilderness Boys formed at Allegheny College in the fall of 1977. This group played Bluegrass music and Dave played the mandolin. The group also included AndrewBerens, Fred Dickson, Ashby Brown. After college, Dave had a 10 year hiatus from music as he was involved with work and family life and all of his musical instruments were packed in closets. In 1991 Dave had the desire to go back into music and he sought out Bob Butler, whom he had met when they were both prison guards. Butler is an accomplished guitarist, vocalist and songwriter from Hagerstown, Maryland.

Moore and Butler formed their own band "New Confederay". Dave is pictured here with the guitar that he currently uses, which is a Washburn J-6 customized with a Bigsby. This group played traditional country, rock and some rockabilly. Band members were Bill Sievers, Linda Forsythe, Bob Butler and Dave.

About a year and a half later, Dave and Linda left New Confederacy and formed Spitfire, along with Matt Ernst. The group was short lived(lasting only about 6 months) , but this was Moore's first Rockabilly Band. In August of 1994 this group was booked on a radio show, "Appalachian Jubilee". During their short time span, the group also did a recording session at Vinylux Studio. Two Songs from this session were eventually released in 2002 by NBT RECORDS on the Hot Guitars CD.(NBT #797).

In 1995 Dave rejoined Bob Butler in New Confederacy but the lineup had changed to include Mark Mummert and Rick Butler. This group recorded for BSC Studio in Winchester, VA., which resulted in a cassette being released as "Bob Butler and The New Confederacy".

In June of 1995 an event happened that would change Dave Moore's career forever. He met legendary Dot and Sun recording artist, Vernon Taylor, at the Smithsburg, Md. Carnival. Moore invited Taylor to come see New Confederacy perform and Taylor accepted the invitation. Taylor, who had just returned from Hemsby, performed one song with the group "From Jack To A King" and Moore admits that he fell in love with Taylor's singing voice at that point. Taylor and Moore began practicing/jamming together and Dave eventually took over as Vernon's lead guitarist in 1996. Once again Dave left New Confederacy and during the year that he and Vernon Taylor were practicing and getting their act established, Dave became a part of another band -White Lightning . White Lightning had a variety of musicians enter and leave its ranks during its existence from 1996 to 1999 and among them were Dave's longtime friend -Bob Butler ( New Confederacy had disbanded). Linda Forsythe was also with this assemblage for awhile. White Lightning had 3 songs released on the ""Many Faces"" CD - (NBT #710).

Vernon Taylor & David Moore

When Vernon Taylor and Dave Moore first started to perform in 1997 they booked themselves as Vernon Taylor and White Lightning. Another significant event happened in 1997. Dave Moore gave Vernon Taylor a gift certificate for his birthday for a recording session at a Hagerstown Maryland studio. From this session Vernon's First CD emerged, "Daddy's Rockin", which was released on the Run Wild label. By now Dave and Vernon were getting bookings that included another trip to Hemsby in 2000 and Finland in 2001.

Once again in 2001 another configuration of the Dave Moore and Bob Butler combo would emerge. This time the duo would be known as the Saddle Pals. Wendy LeBeau joined Dave and Bob at a Vinylux recording session and from that a 45ep emerged (NBT #111) which included the first release of Red Headed Baby. At the time of this writing, Red Headed Baby has been released on 3 different CD's.

Billy Adams & David Moore

Also in 2001, Dave Moore became the lead guitarist for the legendary Billy Adams. Moore backed both Vernon Taylor and Billy Adams at the Green Bay 50's Rock Fest in 2002. Another aspect of Dave Moore's career that has gone full circle is that, in addition to his work with Vernon Taylor, Billy Adams, and the Saddle Pals, he is often found playing benefits with his old college buddy Andy Berens (now Dr. Andrew Berens) as both Berens and Moore both live in the same small town in West Virginia.

Dave Moore's affinity for rockabilly can be observed by his lifestyle which includes the sporting of vintage clothes and the driving of vintage automobiles. Dave's home is a 1950's structure that is completely furnished with 50's items including all of the appliances and sports a 50's jukebox filled with rockabilly tunes. From duck tails to rolled up pants legged, Dave Moore truly lives the rockabilly tradition.

Dave Moore also owns and operates the New Hope Studio in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia which specializes in helping new and undiscovered artists. As of this writing (2002), Dave has many projects on the horizon including another trip to Hemsby in October 2002. This will be coupled with a trip to Sweden where Dave will perform and record with the legendary Swedish Band -The Hale Bops. Dave's recording career in the USA has a pending release on another Run Wild Record's compilation and he plans a CD release soon with the Saddle Pals on the NBT label.

@2002-2003 John S. Newbraugh - Used with permission