The Jime, Neo-Rockabilly from Denmark

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1983: Vince Gordon decides to form a rockabilly band in a math class in Highschool. After 10 minutes consideration he chooses to name the band The Jime because almost all other rockabilly bands are called sometings with "Cats" in it. Vince Gordon got an uncontrollable urge to play rockabilly after hearing The Stray Cats.

1987: The Jime releases the LP "Rockabilly Revival", which is the first rockabilly album ever released in Denmark. The recordings takes 3 days and the mixing another 2 in the Sun Studio in Copenhagen. It’s a funny coincidence that the birth of rockabilly in Denmark should take place in a studio with the same name as the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis.

1987-98: Some time after the release of "Rockabilly Revival" Vince Gordon realizes that even though he’s satisfied with the album, it wasn’t the expression he was looking for. He therefore spends the next 12 (!) years experimenting with soundproduction, arrangements and songwriting which results in "Mean Side Of Town". The Jime has been performing live since 1984. In 1997 they started touring northern Europe.

1998: Kris "De Juke" Andersen joins The Jime without knowing how to slap. Vince spends about 10 minutes showing Kris how to do it and he's been slapping ever since. Kris already knew about scales and music theory so he fell easily into The Jime's way of doing bass lines and solos.

1998-99: The Jime is being offered 8 record contracts from USA, England, Germany and Denmark.

1999: The Jime signs a record deal with SMP Records about the release of the album "Mean Side Of Town". The Jime also signs with the New York based Skully Records, agreeing to contribute with 1 song on their international rockabilly compilations series.

1999 (November): The Jime performs live on Dutch TV at the release of "Mean Side Of Town" in Holland. The album has been bought by the Dutch Rockhouse Records.

1999 (December): "Mean Side Of Town" is released in England. Nervous Records who, on their own initiative, has chosen to import the album, has the following to say about "Mean Side Of Town": "Stunningly brilliant Neo-Rockabilly, somewhere between The Stray Cats and The Blue Cats! The production is just superb, with a great ‘big’ sound, and the guitar playing is wonderful".

2000 'Mean Side Of Town' is released in February in the rest of the world. The Jime do PR tours, some festivals, Radio and TV to promote the new album. The reception of the album is nothing short of overwhelming.

2001 The Jime are touring heavily but also do a lot of recording. Jan Frifelt is back (The drummer from the first album 'Rockabilly Revival'),  primarily to do studio work.

2002 Jan Frifelt is hanging in in the studio. The next album gets done and The Jime signs with Nervous Records, UK. The new album is called "It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me" is released in late December in the UK.

2003 One-Stop-Gig at The Starsound Studio, Utrecht - Holland, March 13th. If you missed it... your loss!!

The Jime is:
Vince Gordon: Guitar - Vocals - Piano - Upright Bass
Jan 'Sticks' Frifelt:
Drums - Backing Vocals

Vince Gordon passed away in 2016, please visit his tribute page:

Courtesy of Vince Gordon, 2000-2003
Live photographs by The BlackCat, Utrecht - Holland, 2003