Kevin Fennell, The Full Discography
Kevin Fennell Ray Campi
  1. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels/Mac Curtis “It’s Rock And Roll” Live at the BBC December 17, 1977
  2. “Rollin' The Rock More California Rockabilly” 1977 Various Rollin' Rock artists
  3. Mac Curtis "Rock Me" 1978 I play all the electric guitar
  4. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Wildcat Shakeout” 1979
    UK release on the Radar label. Recorded at Rollin' Rock in California
  5. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Rockabilly Rebel/Teenage Boogie” (single) 1979 UK release
  6.  Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Rockabilly Rebel” (single) 1979. Special 12 inch single backed with "Teenage Boogie"
  7. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Live At The Keystone” 1979 Palo Alto, California Broadcast over KFAT.FM in the San Francisco bay area for the weekly "Fat Fry" shows
  8. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Gone, Gone, Gone!” 1979
    The next Rockabilly Rebels lineup
  9. “Blue Suede Shoes” (UK film) 1979 Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels perform three songs at a festival in England
  10. Colin Winski "Rock Therapy" 1980 I played guitar on two tracks
  11. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “The Newest Wave” 1980
    The next Rockabilly Rebels lineup
  12. Buck Jones And Teddy Guitar “California 81” 1981 Recorded at Rollin' Rock Studio. Buck and Teddy came from Finland to record at Rollin' Rock, I played guitar and mandolin
  13. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Rockabilly Man” 1981
  14. Jazz Connection “Live At Hop Sing's” 1982 Instrumental band doing jumped up New Orleans type music, Bourbon Street meets Rock And Roll
  15. The Wild Turkeys “Live on KCSN.FM” 1982 Bluegrass band, recorded on the "Country Liberation" show Thanksgiving day. Hosted by Mike Mahaney and Hedy Wolverton (Heather Mahaney)
  16.  Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Hollywood Cats” 1983 And yet another lineup of Rockabilly Rebels
  17. Gun Shy 1984 Hot Rockabilly band with a female singer
  18. Mac Curtis “The Rollin’ Rock And Rebel Singles Collection” 1995
    I played guitar on some tracks. Recorded at Rollin' Rock 1977/1978
  19. Kevin Fennell Rockabilly, Classic Rock, Blues, etc. All covers 1995
  20. “Rollin’ Rock Got The Sock, Vol. 1” Various Rollin’ Rock artists 1997
  21. Johnny Legend The Rockabilly Rasputin “Best of Johnny Legend” 1997 I played guitar on certain tracks at Rollin' Rock
  22. “Rockabilly Uprising, The Best Of Mac Curtis” 1997 I played on some tracks recorded in 1977/1978
  23. Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels “Live At The Derby in Hollywood” 2001
  24. “Bowl-A-Rama Vol. 1” 2001 Various Los Angeles Rockabilly artists
  25. “L.A. Rockabilly Again” 2002 Various artists produced by Pep Torres
  26. Steamroller Blues 2003 Blues band. Four song EP. All covers
  27. Kevin Fennell "Rumble Cat" 2004 All guitar instrumentals
  28. Ray Campi “The Memory Lingers On, A Tribute To Jesse James And All The Boys” 2004. I play most of the guitar on this one.
  29. Kevin Fennell “Rollin’ The Rock Boogie/Hot Rod Run” (single) 2004
    My tribute to Rockin' Ronny Weiser's Rollin' Rock sound
  30. Kevin Fennell “Mo’ Blues! Mo’ Blues! Mo’ Blues!” 2005
  31. “30 Years!!! Bear Family Records” 2005 Various Artists. Contains my song "Bear Mountain Train"
  32. Kevin Fennell “Rock-A-Billy Boom Bam!” 2005
  33. "Rebel Beat The Story Of L.A. Rockabilly" 2006 Film about the L.A. Rockabilly scene. My playing is heard during the Ray Campi concert segment
  34. Ray Campi “Austin To L.A. With Friends Along The Way” 2006. Contains one of my tunes. I also did the graphics for the CD
  35. Kevin Fennell “Blues Bop Boogie!” 2006
  36. Ray Campi “Cultural Warrior” 2006. Contains my song "The Rockabilly Way" done as a duet with Ray. I did the graphics for this CD
  37.  Kevin Fennell “Shake Shack Stomp” 2006
  38. Ray Campi “Hot Dog/Rockabilly Rebel” (single) Re-recorded 2007
  39. Kevin Fennell “All Systems Play!” 2007
  40. Americana International #27  DVD filmed in England 2007
  41. Kevin Fennell “Twangin’ Off” 2008
  42. “Worldwide Rockabilly Vol. 1” 2008 Various artists
  43. Kevin Fennell “It’s All Blues Baby!” 2008
  44. Kevin Fennell “Boppin’ Sparky And The Sparkle-Billies” 2009
  45. Kevin Fennell “Hard Rockin’ Head Knockin” 2009
  46. Kevin Fennell “Highway Bound” 2010
  47. Kevin Fennell “Rock And Roll Will Never Die” 2010
  48. Kevin Fennell “My Thing My Way” 2011
  49. Kevin Fennell “Shake!” 2011
  50. Kevin Fennell “Bar-B-Q Boogie” 2013
  51. Kevin Fennell “Bustin' Out Blues” 2013

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