Marco Da Silva & The Midnighters - Italy is Rocking...

Marco Da Silva grew up in Rome and has been a crazy rock 'n' roll fan since the early age of 10. Naturally Elvis was his first connection fifties music, but Marco also literally wore out several records by Rick Nelson, Johnny Burnette Trio, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Charlie Rich, Jerry Lee Lewis...

In 1978 Marco started playing in some incredible high-school bands: The Pist, Marco & The Mobutus, Rebelfire, Gli Irrequieti. He played bass and guitar (at least that's what he was supposed to do) practicing with rock and roll, rhythm & blues, new wave, and even some Beatles tunes. In that period he also started to sing... and it was rockabilly A cover of Blue Suede Shoes, recorded in a real recording studio, sounded real frenetic and "almost punk" psychobilly.

In the eighties Marco continued to perform in more rock 'n' roll bands, writing crazy songs and mostly having lots of fun. It was only in 1995 that he decided to form a "real" rockabilly band, and the rest is history! Today's line-up of Marco Da Silva And The Midnighters is formed by brilliant musicians, who all love rockabilly as much as their front-man does. Mac Curtis, Joe Clay, Charlie Gracie, The Stray Cats, every Sun Records artist and many others are the main inspirations for these cats...

The band is a powerful, professional and energetic combo: Marco is an expert, intense and astonishing vocalist, never missing a note. Lorenzo Salvatori an amazing guitar player who have had Steve Trovato and Tommy Todesco as his teachers. Alessandro Benedetti is a "solid rock" double bass-player who takes care of the slapping rhythms about. And last but not least, Simone Prattico is one of the best drummers of the Roman jazz and rockabilly scene.

During their wild live-act the band usually perform obscure rocking gems as well as well-known hits, including a selection of Stray Cats tunes and some instrumentals, giving the show a versatility which always pleases the audience..

By Gianni Frachitti, "The Shy Cat"
(musician and Marco's fan since the early days)

Check out The Midnighters' superb new album "Midnight Bop"

The Midnighters are:
Marco Da Silva - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Lorenzo Salvatori - Lead Guitar
Ettore Rocchi - Drums
Alessandro Benedetti - Acoustic & Electric Bass

Contact information:
Marco Da Silva

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