This is Mr. Whiz

Three musicians that really love 40s and 50s music, from the coolest Swing and Western Swing to the wildest Rockabilly. They mix all these influences into a style of their own. They call it Hillbilly Swing. Mr. Whiz was born out of the necessity of three musicians that wanted to keep making music when their previous band, Teen Age Crash, disbanded in November 2002. The aim of this new group is to compose and play their own songs. As a name for the band they chose the title of a song that stands out from their repertoire: Jerry Reed's "Mr. Whiz".

The band has been playing without a break since its formation in 2002. They have played every single club programming concerts in their area and neighbourhood and going out to other provinces, too. Their cool and energetic show is always welcomed by the audience. They have played at Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll festivals in Spain and Portugal. Recently the band was invited as the opening act for Slim Jim Phantom's Trio (Stray Cats drummer band) concert in Vigo.

Their first CD, This is Mr. Whiz, was released in march 2005, containing 15 songs: 10 originals + 5 selected covers. They have made a tour through Europe last summer (august 2005), playing in Belgium and Holland at well respected clubs such as Tiki's Lounge, Caddy's Diner, De Kroeg Music Cafe and Blues Cafe.

Mr. Klaus Whiz (vocals, contrabass) was formed musically in the old school of the street, he is attracted by Rock'n'Roll legends such as Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and Jerry Lee. He learned to play by himself and, in 1987, set up the band Memphis, which was considered to be the first Rockabilly group in Vigo.

Mr. Jose M. Whiz (guitars) has always liked the vintage sound of the 50's Blues, Country and Rock'n'Roll that he learned and practiced by listening to old recordings of Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Johnny Cash with a Spanish guitar. In 1999 he meets German and joins Teen Age Crash first and now plays with Mr. Whiz.

Mr. Germán M. Whiz (drums) is, although being the youngest member of the band, with Klaus, part of the Rockabilly history of his hometown Vigo. He was the drummer of one of the most popular Galician Rockabilly band in the 90s, The Creepers. In 1999 he recruits musicians for Teen Age Crash. Now he centers all his musical and organizing talent on Mr. Whiz, acting as much as a manager as a musician.

Mr. Whiz (left to right):
Jose M. Casarejos - Acoustic, Electric & Steel Guitar
Germán M. Lopez - Drums, Backing Vocals
Klaus Villarroel - Vocals, Contrabass, Kazoo

Contact information:

Information provided by Mr. Whiz, 2006

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