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The Slippers were founded in 1978 in Helsinki by mates: Klade, Peltsi and Vesku. Our first rehearsal room was in local church, but soon we had to find an other place, because "this jazzmusic" (we played rock 'n' roll, mind you) didn't fit in the church's "atmosphere". We got a new place and a new singer, Keke, at about the same time. We had a crazy attitude and no skills (we had rehearsals 4-5 times per week and at the weekends we just boozed together).

Gradually we started getting some gigs, mostly in youth clubs etc. We played rock 'n' roll classics and covers like Hound Dog, Tutti Frutti, Donna and Rave on. In those days there was a cool Finnish band named Teddy & The Tigers that we liked a lot, so we started playing more rockabilly stuff. Soon Vesku (drummer) left the band and Jartsa (guitar) joined in and Keke started to play drums while singing. With this line-up we made our first album "The Slippers". On the "Ubangi Stomp" album and the next EP there was guy named Mika on the drums.

It was 1980 and we were one of the finalists (of few hundred) of a Championship Competition of Finnish rock 'n' roll bands and I think finally we ended up number 8, but after the competition one member of the jury (Esa Pulliainen) came to me and said: "I'm sorry you guys didn't win, but do you want to make LP, I would like to produce it". I was shocked and answered (wiseguy): "Wait here, I have to ask guys".

From the beginning it was clear we didn't want to sound too authentic, the sound had to be tougher and it has been since. During the years 1980-1982 we did lot of gigs and some of our music got lots of airplay on various radioprograms and we even did a live TV show once.

In 1982, the guys were drafted into the army and The Slippers broke up. After serving in the army, we all got jobs and there was (almost) no band action untill may 1997. Keke's girlfriend had a birthdayparty at the club named "Cafe 52" and the only present she wished for was "seeing The Slippers live on stage one more time". So we played a few old tracks for her and we had so much fun doing it, we decided to start playing again. It was a lucky accident Tokela to tye club as well (he was just hanging around a bit) and when we saw him coming in we asked him to pick up a guitar and play with us. After the gig we said to Tokela: "Next week we have rehearsals, be there!"... and he was. (Tokela has played with the "Leningrad Cowboys" and still plays in a band called "Melrose").

Nowadays we practice about once a week, we write our own songs and play gigs now and then (mostly in Finland, but we have played in Sweden and Norway too). It has been very nice to see that crowd hadn't forgotten about us. We are also very interested in playing in other European countries too, so contact us if you need a hot rockin' band around..

Our new CD "Broken Bones" was released on January 29, 2000. We had an idea to put x-rays of some human bones on the cover last summer while recording the CD. Someone said: "These guys are so old and in bad shape, the best photos you can get are x-rays..." The x-rays on the album cover are actually real photos of some guys' broken bones. There's going to be more...

-- By Timo Pfaler for BlackCat Rockabilly Europe, 2000 --

The Slippers (2000) are:
Keke - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Tokela - Guitars, Background Vocals
Klade - Slap Bass
Peltsi - Guitars

- My babe/Caterpillar (45, Johanna JHNS 131, 1980)
- Ubangi Stomp/Turn Around (45, Johanna JHNS 153, 1981)
- Rockabilly Lily/Honky Tonk Man (45, Johanna JHNS 187, '81)
- Chance To Dance (EP, Johanna JHNS 228, 1981)
- The Slippers (selftitled LP, Johanna JHN 2019, 1980)
- Ubangi Stomp (LP, Johanna JHN 2045, 1981)
- Chance To Dance (CD, Goofin' GRCD 6049, 1994)
- Broken Bones (Mini-CD, Goofin' GRCD 6102, 2000)

Management and Bookings:
Timo Pfaler
Ahmankatu 6 F 40
05460 Hyvinkää

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