Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats, Sweden Rocks!

After 14 years in business, Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats can consider themselves "old boys" in the Swedish rockabilly revival genre. Without the strive for fame and fortune, they just go on performing and recording their own blend of rock 'n' roll. There have been some adjustments in the apperance since it all began in 1987, but basically it's a solid band that delivers what is expected. Their influences reflect in a musical mix, dating from mid 50s to present and they often use vocal harmonies to achieve the sound of the past.

Sneaky Pete, alias Peter Karlsson (lead vocals) is the front man of the band and he sounds like he was raised on Elvis, Dion, Cliff Richard and Bobby Darin. He sings with a strong, clean voice, without beeing too polished. He was introduced to showbizz by his brother, Mats Karlsson, who was playing the upright bass in a band he had formed with Benny Melin (lead guitar). They were rockabillies and tried hard to sound like Stray Cats, Johnny & The Roccos, Restless and also like the regular 50s heroes. They had struggled a while to put together a band and used to rehearse at a junkyard nearby. Along with Roger Johansson (drums) and Tommy Johansson (guitar), they had made a couple of apperances at a local pub. The kids seemed to like it, and so did Peter. Since the line-up was completed things developed, and soon the band was busy playing along the Swedish west coast.

In 1993 they started a cooperation with Liphone Records in Uddevalla and recorded a cassette. It was a low budget production made over a weekend and was sold at the shows. Since then the band have released 3 CDs and their musical style ranges from fast rockabilly to uptempo rock 'n' roll. Drums, upright bass, acoustic and lead guitar make up the corner stones, while the vocals and chorus arrangements have become a trademark that sets Sneaky Pete & Co. apart from the main stream.

On the third album "Motovatin'" a local pianoplayer named Bjorn Karlsson made a guest appearance. He is now a regular member of the band, along with Markus Andersson, who replaced Roger behind the drums. They both add musical experience to the band and it will be great to hear them on the next album. Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats will be around for many years to come and if you don't get a chance to hear them live on stage; check out your local record dealer for their CDs.

1993 - LiC 3140 "Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats"
1995 - LiCD 3151 & LiMC 3151 "Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats - Refuse To Loose"
1996 - LiCD 3164 "Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats - Do The Bop"
1999 - LiCD 3196 "Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats - Motovatin'"
2005 - Ilen Records "Party Tonight !!!" (4-track CD) read review

Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats:

Liphone Records:

Courtesy of Benny MeliN, 2001

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