(B. & D. Post)

Fridaynight, everything's right for the weekend
Crazy clothes, anything goes on the weekend
John called Ann and Jim got Sue
I made a date with little ol' you
Out we went to make a big ten on the weekend
Boy it's great just a-stayin' out late on the weekend
Know a spot, I like it a lot, on the weekend
Took the road to Look-out-hill
The view up there is sure a thrill
What a night to hold you tight on the weekend
There we were just sittin' cool and cosy
Just about to steal a little kiss
The police with a flashlight rightfully nosy
Said, holy mackerel, what is all this
Car top down, just ridin' around on the weekend
Took a chance on crashin' a dance on the weekend
We were almost inside the place
Somebody slammed the door in my face
Hey you guys, you gotta wear ties on the weekend
No harm done, just a-havin' some fun on the weekend
That was all, we had a big ball on the weekend