(Carter - Nails - Rhodes)
GENE VINCENT & THE BLUE CAPS (Capitol 3678, 1957)

Well, as I was walking down the street
I heard a crazy song with a crazy beat
The band in the house was going real wild
And all them cats just a-jumpin' in the aisle

Be-i-bickey-bi, bo-bo
Grab your girl and go-go
You love me, I love you
Be-i-bickey-bi, go-bo-go!

Well, I stepped inside just to look around
They had the joint rockin' upside down
Asked a little chick how it got that swing
She said, search me dad, but it's got that thing


Well, I grabbed me a chick and I headed for the floor
The roof was a-shakin' and so was the door
The guys in the aisle was a-ziggin' and a-zaggin'
She's a real cool doll and I'm not a-braggin'


Man the band was a-playing that crazy song
We kept a-rockin' right along
The clock topped two, three and four
Well , the cats was a-yelling for more, more, more

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