(Autry Inman)
AUTRY INMAN (DECCA 29936, 1956)

Well, the be-bop baby, that's all you do
You bop in the morning and the night time too
All you study is a hip and a hop
But baby you're livin', when you be-bop, babe

A be-bop baby, a be-boppin' baby
Baby be-bop-a-be-bop-a-be-be-be-bop, be-bop baby
Keep a-boppin' till you blow your top, be-bop, be-bop

Well, the sundown's a-comin', after that the night
You be-bopped till the broad daylight
We could go to a movie, but you wouldn't swop
'Cause you ain't happy if you can't be-bop


Well, you used to play a waltz, so nice and sweet
But a change come over your great big feet
Now you get started and you just can't stop
And you call yourself doin' the be-bop-bop


Well, grandma, grandpa and the teenage
Everybody says, well man that's the rage
Move over baby, make room for pop-pop
'Cause I got the fever now, I wanna be-bop


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