(Need Info)

Well, I'm driving down the super slab
I got my rig up on inside the cab
I'm lookin' for a breaker just to keep me awake
I been driving six hours and I gotta take a break

Breaker, breaker 1-9
I'm a-lookin' for a copy
Breaker, breaker 1-9
Is there any good buddy
Breaker, breaker 1-9
A-bring it on back
Breaker buddy, do you copy
This is Black Jack, whoo!

Well, I'm ten miles further on down the road
I'm soon gonna drop this heavy load
My eyes are goin' shut and a-goin' small
I think it's time to put out another call

Well, I can see a coffee shop comin' up in front
I better pull in, before I have a shunt
Well, this is one day and I wanna see the end
Here comes the coffee shop, just around the bend

There's some of my good buddies just a-sittin' at the bar
Looks like they're drinkin' that old black tar
Well, hi Black Jack just a-bring it on back
Heard you tryin' to copy me, back upon the track

Well, I had me a drink and it's time to go
Another good buddy just lookin' for a tow
Just another thirty miles, I'm glad to see
Breaker-breaker, everybody at the end of the day

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