THE COLLINS KIDS (rec. October 4, 1955)

Hickory-dickory-dock, the mouse ran up the clock
Did he need the exercise, oh-no
Was he lookin' for the time, oh-no
Did he want a pretty bird, oh-no
He was settin' the clock for the cuckoo rock

Cuckoo, get your partner, cuckoo
Hey pretty cuckoo, let's go
Cuckoo, let the cuckoo rock
Rock-rock, hickory-dickory, rock-rock, hickory-dickory
Rock-rock, hickory-dickory, rock-rock, rock-rock
We've gone cuckoo, let the cuckoo rock

I got no rooster, he's on the farm
I wind my clock then set the alarm
Goin' cuckoo, I got my partner, cuckoo
We're already cuckoo
We've gone cuckoo, let the cuckoo rock

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