(The Riptones)
THE RIPTONES (Bloodshot Records, 1999)

Crazy Charlie's got a basket on his bike
A funny lookin' toupee cocked sideways, how he like
He's Crazy Charlie
Crazy Charlie wears a new export coat
Tugging on the leash of his stinking old bad dog
He's Crazy Charlie
Some say he got that way in 'Nam
He lives in the attic, right above his mam
People point the snicker and talk behind his back
Twinkle in his eye makes me think it's all an act
Crazy Charlie fancies talking to himself
Sometimes he sneaks his mama's whiskey from the shelf
He's Crazy Charlie

Some say he's just a stupid bum
I don't think he's either lazy or dumb
Lives to sing and whistle and play harmonica
Sings about his long lost love, Veronica
Crazy Charlie would have never hurt a fly
He lives the kind of live that money cannot buy
He's Crazy Charlie
Crazy Charlie is free

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