(Charlie Feathers)
Recorded 1967-1969

On a cold dark night not so long ago
And wind was blowin', deep cold snow
Over at that table, right next to mine
There sat my baby just a havin' such a good time
A-drinkin' and a-dancin' with my friend Bill
It must have been the liquor that made me wanna kill
I tapped him on the shoulder, called him outside
There in the snow, there is where he died

Bought me a ticket, I caught me a train
I didn't stay around, I didn't wanna pain
Way down in Dallas, a posse stopped the train
Then I heard the sheriff callin' my name
They brought me back to Memphis, just for a while
Soon I'll be walkin' my last mile
A judge told me, boy you're gonna swing
You won't be around when it turns to spring
Oh, what ashame, oh-aaah, ooh

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