(Jimmy McCracklin)

Now, Westwood California is a great little town
And I live there, in fact I dance around
If you ever go there and you want to jump for joy
I'll tell you where to go, there's the Club Savoy

Now, the club's for boys, where fine chicks make it
From eight to eighty, triple crossed and crazy (org. naked)
If you ever go there and you want to shake your fanny
If things don't go right, just call Franny

Now, when you walk in and you look around
You'll see a big bartender, about two hundred pounds
And if you start some jive out on the floor
That big bartender's gonna show you the door

Now, you can bring your friends along when you come
Everybody let their hair down and have some fun
If you start some jive, there ain't no doubt
That big bartender, he's gonna throw you out

Now everybody go there to have some fun
'Cause the joint's really jumps from nine to one
Around midnight, everybody's high in the mood
'Cause the band starts playin' them dirty blues

Also recorded by Rockin' Louie & The Mamma Jammers

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