(Joe Montgomery)

Well, come on cats, wear your collars high
Let's buzz on down to the house of jive
Rod's outside that's mighty fast
A keen little chick with a lot of class

I'm a cool cat, cool cat
If you don't dig my jive
Baby, you better skat

When the jukebox starts, fast and loud
Dig that beat with the rest of the crowd
I know it's the sound that's turns me on
Man oh man, I'm really gone


With the jukebox a-moanin' a hi-fi tune
I feel like I'm motor rocking to the moon
My head keeps spinning, I'm wet with sweat
I'm a-moving along like a sabrejet


It don't take much to turn me on
When they do, I'm a-really gone
When I stop rocking you better look out
I'm a fast sabre with a slow flame-out


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