(Julian Wiethoff)

I've thrown away all those photos
Try to keep my mind clear
Bought myself a one-way-ticket
To get soon away from here

Told my friends not to worry
Wished them luck and said goodbye
It was good to stay here with you
But now I have to go away

Thought I left you behind
But again you've crossed my mind

No, they didn't understand me
Why I left her and this place
But they didn't see me hiding
Tears were running down my face

The things you've done to me ain't that easy to forget
I thought our love would always stay
Still got memories of feelings I used to have
But all these memories they just bring me pain

Now I'm sitting in this black train
Try to keep my mind clear
Tried to left all that's important
To leave you, but still you're near

Courtesy of Julian Wiethoff

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