(Vesa Haaja)

Before the noon, I'm leaving sweetheart
Don't know when I will return
For all the things I once have done, dear
Man's got to pay, now the time has come

Don't worry about me, wouldn't you sweeheart,
You'll always be deep in my heart
Those iron bars and sleepless nights, dear
Would never come between me and you

One more time, please let me sweetheart
Take a long, good look at you
Let me taste your sweet sweet kisses
And take a look at your eyes so blue

Would you wait for me, please sweetheart
And someday soon I will return
And somehow then I'll make you up, dear
All those nights I wasn't here

One more time, I hold you sweetheart,
One more time, so close to me
This precious moment, no one can ever
Long as I may live, take away from me

The time has come, goodbye now sweetheart,
Wipe away tears in your eyes
The life is hard, but it's worth of living
So please now dear, don't worry about me

Courtesy of Vesa Haaja

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