Well, I wanna rock, a-bop-a-be-bop
Gonna jump in my rockin' shoes
Just pull off your coat when you come in the door
Kick off your high heels too
Everybody's rockin' rockin' rockin'
Everybody's rockin' rockin' rockin'
Yes, I wanna rock, a-bop-a-be-bop
For I'm a rockin' fool
Yeah we rock in here and we rock it over there
In France and England too
Everybody's rockint rockin1 rockin' everywhere

Well, now I like the mountain music
Like mom and popsy do
A waltz is fine, just any old time
To cuddle up close to you
But I like a rockin' rhythm
It simply moves me so
A drum goes boom to a rockin' tune
Man, I gotta go!
'Cause, I wanna rock, a-bop-a-be-bop

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