(Sonny E. Russell)

Well, I was blown out of bed, hit in the head
I saw three flashes of atomic red
Spun around town, shot in the ground
Swirled and swirled three times faster than sound

It was a fifty megatons
It was a fifty megatons
It was a fifty megatons hydrogen
Like they rate an atomic bomb

Well, the rocket passed me, I climbed up a tree
Just then something got hold of me and the tree
We shot on up in the stratosphere
Six thousand miles away from here

Well, I stepped from out of the rocketship
Three spacemen grabbed me and gave me a flip
I ran over two, then headed to the moon
The ground gave way, I fell into a deep lagoon

Well, I landed at the bottom of a deep dark crater
Face to face with a space alligator
The alligator looked at me, I could hardly see
There was another one a-floatin' and it swallowed me

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