I saddled my horse, long time ago
And I rode off down to town
But I left a note for dear ol' ma
Sayin' I'm goin' goofin' around 'round 'round
I met myself a little blue eyed blonde
She said she'd show me the town
But we ended up standing for the preacher man
'Cause we started goofin' around
'Round 'round 'round
We started goofin' around...

Now we bought us a ten room house
Close to the school down town
Me and my little blonde's not a playin' our thing
But we're doin' a lot of goofin around 'round 'round
Now every time a new child's born
And I call ol' doctor Brown
Says this won't happen again my friend
If you stop that goofin' around
'Round 'round 'round
Stop that goofin' around...

Now you can pass the word around
To your friends in every town
They'll end up singin' this same old song
If they don't quit goofin' around
'Round 'round 'round
Don't stop goofin' around...
If they don't stop goofin' around