(Howard Stamford - Danny Mitchum)
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (Capitol 2443, 1953)

Yonder comes a cotton picker walkin' down the road
Puffin' like a locomotive carryin' a load
Hey, mr. cotton picker watcha' gonna do
Gonna get gone away from you
Here is mr. cotton picker passin' by my shack
Seems as if his back is breakin' with a cotton sack
Hey, mr. cotton picker when you gettin' paid?
Reckon as soon as my sack gets weighed
He's been a-pluckin' old king cotton
All day in the sun
By tomorrow sweat's forgotten
I've got another field that must be done
There goes mr. cotton picker totin' all his pay
Just a sack of sewy cotton took him all the day
Hey, mr. cotton picker hope you have a ball
Hope you get all that's comin' to you