(Tommy Nelson)
TOMMY NELSON (DIXIE 45-814, 1960)

When that hear that lonesome freight whistle blow
Seems like it always say, go hobo
I'm just by my lonesome, down by the railroad track
Just lookin' at those cars
And wondering if I'll ever get back
To my little ole shack, I call my home sweet home

I spend my nights lookin' up at the moon and the stars
I'll remember them, ridin' out in them old boxcars
Guess I'll be travelin', baby I don't know how far

Go hobo, go hobo, go hobo, go you hobo
Go on down those rails tonight
Go go, before daylight
Go hobo, leave this town tonight

There's wonderful moon, standin' way up there in space
But just like me, moons they have no face
Well, we got to go and travel from place to place
Well, I'd better stop singin'
And get up on that six o'clock train
Because I know that it is never late
Guess I'll be travelin', but baby I don't know what state

I said, go hobo go
I said, go hobo go
I said, go hobo go
I said, go hobo go
I said, go you hobo, leave this town tonight