(P. Snijders)

Well, I love my baby and my baby loves me
Im coming on strong like a Superbee
Charging up like General Lee
When I bop to my socks and my baby kisses me

Souped up motor with a dual exhaust
Got a twin carburator, gonna bite my dust
V8 sound and a holley on the hood
I gotta my hot rod suit

Well, bop and holler and bop man bop
Gotta make me a move, gotta get on top
Slow with me honey Im a lover man
I cant keep up with your evil plans


Crazy man crazy, when I drag man drag
Im a burn out daddy dont make me mad
My lean machine gonna make you stop
This boogie woogie daddy gonna blow your top


Souped up motor...

Courtesy of Pascal Snijders