(D. Higham)
DARREL HIGHAM (Nervous, 1995)

Well, in my hotel room, sitting down on my bed
I got a million thoughts all rushing though my head
I'm a million miles from home or so it seems
I'm not sure about the future, I've forgotten all my dreams

And this town that I'm in is getting smaller everyday
Work has all but gone, ain't getting too much pay
And this long lonely road has a beckoning call
Well it can call me forever, but that's about all

I've busted my guitar strings and I can afford no more
My car's broken down, so I can't get to the store
I'm worried about this room, cos this hotel ain't too cheap
Demands are pilin' up, they're nearly waist deep

Yeah I don't wanna stay here, but it's difficult to leave
With no car or money and luck you can't believe
People walking by, have their faces illed with gloom
I know I'm gonna have to leave this place pretty soon

Deskclerk gets my mail, then she throws it on the floor
The bellhop picks it up and shoves it underneath my door
And I don't like reading letters, I just don't like bad news
Tho' it shouldn't really matter, I already got the blues

Heard a song on the radio called Heartbreak Hotel
I met a fella in the street that seemed to know it well
I asked him where it was and by the look on his face
I could tell he wasn't lying as he pointed to my place