(The Spunyboys)
THE SPUNYBOYS (Album "Rockabilly Legacy", 2013)

Even if I might get burnt
I like to dance around the fire
But thereís a lesson I sure have learnt
When itís red hot, donít try to get closer

Thereís a sixteen chick around the corner
A few winks later, weíre dancing together
Sheís seen my ring, the game is starting
She realises that Iím cheating

Chorus (x2):
I told her
You're losing at your own game
Tomorrow, I'll forget your name
Baby let's go back to school
I thought you knew the rule

I let you treat me like a fool
You lie to me, you still go to school
Hiding behind your ladyís make up
My friendsí warning stood up

Iím a grown man, I donít care a rap
I canít fall into that trap
You're losing now, you ainít fakiní it
The rhythmís changed in your heartbeat


Verse 1 & 2