(Steve Bloomfield)
MATCHBOX (Magnet, 1979)

My Mama don't like it, the way I comb my hair,
Papa thinks I'm crazy, in the clothes I wear
It's a hit come on records and I play it all day
But I'm what I am and I'm gonna keep a rockin' that way.

I'm a rockabilly rebel from head to toe
I gotta keep a-rockin' everywhere I go
Everybody join us, we're good company
Be a real cool cat, be a rockabilly rebel like me.

The kids in the schoolhouse they couldn't wait too long,
When the school is over, they put their cat clothes on,
Oughta hear the slap bass swingin' to the band
It is a real rockin' rhythm that is sweepin' all over this land


Squares get the message get the boppin' beat,
Let them tramp through your body, to the head to your feet,
Shakin' in your shoes, boy, oh, don't it make you feel wow,
Well if you can't dance, we're not gonna show you how.