(Peter Visser - Jan Van Riet)
MAC TAPLE (Boni 84042, 1984)

Well all know those kids in our neighnourhoods
They wear leather jackets and high heeled boots
They're hanging around having lots of fun
Standing at the corner when their homework's done

Every Friday evening you can see them go
To a little wooden place they call their home
It's the Flight in the city where they meet again
Gonna dance to the music of a good old band

Rocking rebels keep on dancing
Rocking rebels keep on dancing
Put on your clothes and your dancing shoes
Let the music play, if you're a good rocking rebel
You're gonna dance the night away

At a sign from the leader they all gonna dance
Except for the ones who have a big romance
It's the music of the band that fills the air
You can see shaking people 'round you everywhere