(C. Perkins)
CARL PERKINS (Columbia 44723, 1969)

Well I walked up to her window
I said, gimme a ticket please
She said, where to mister?
I said, that's all right with me honey

I'm just restless
I need to get on out of town
I need to go right now
Take me where the living's easy
Baby, that's where I'll be found
Huh-huh, right now

I said, honey tell that driver
To put his big foot on that gas
Run this old grey dog
Just as long as it might last

I said, honey tell that driver
Take me farther down the road
Just take this grey dog
Any place he wants to go

I'm travelling light
Because I might be going far
Takin' nothing but the clothes on my back
And my big red guitar