(BELLE 45-111, 1967)

I wanna catch me a train and move on down that line
I wanna keep on movin', 'cause I can't lose any time
Mister enigineer man, make that whistle whine
When I get on down, gonna have him stop this train
I wanna feel southern breeze and it sure does ease my pain
Mister enigineer man, please stop your train

I got in trouble not very long ago
Out way up north where the weather was so cold
So I'll hop me a freighter and back down south I go
Well, they caught up to me and in the jail I went
Been a long time now and I haven't seen sunshine since
Well, I broke out of jail and back out west I went

I'm on the run, 'cause now I'm a wanted man
There's nothing around, but sage and hot sand
I gotta keep on travelling and get as far as I can

I shot a man down just to watch him die
Until this day I guess I'l never know why
That's why sometimes at night that I cry
That's why sometimes at night that I cry