(Anders Westhagen)

My baby's always listenin' to the radio
It don't matter if it's jazz or opera or a disco show
I don't know what to do, my head is in pain
'Cause that radio music is about to drive me insane

I want rock 'n' roll on my radio
Music that a-makes you wanna go cat go
Radio deejays show us some balls
And give us red hot rock 'n' roll

She tunes into the station with the ugliest noise
I truly hate the sounds that she enjoys
It's punk, it's heavy metal, it's acid and rap
Hell, but I'm a rocker and I don't go for that crap


When I get home from work in the afternoon
What I really want is listen to a rockin' tune
But the radio's full of junk, it can't be denied, oh yeah
Hey mister deejay, I'm asking you, where's your pride?


If I get my own radiostation, here's what I'll do
I'll sack all the disco lovers, they ain't got a clue
I ain't gonna hire a soul without ducktail hair, oh yeah
It's gonna be non-stop rock 'n' roll on the air-air-air


Courtesy of Anders Westhagen