(P. Snijders)

Oh, I know a little cat named Rudolph
He's the queen of the reindeer crowd
And when they're in the mood for rocking
He's gonna drive all the deeries wild
Crazy and gone, let ' em see what it's all about

Bop, Bop everybody hop, rocking at the reindeer bop
We're gonna get real wild at every corner stop
Cause Rudolph's gonna blow your top
When the cats start boppin' and hoppin' at the reindeer bop

With his red nose shining in the corner shop
He's gonna rock like never before
Start doing the bop at every deer who'll stop
With the others waiting at the door
Crazy and gone, with a beat that lights the tree

Bop, Bop everybody hop...

Vixen and Blitzen and all the other deers
They all gotta take a stand
Because a cat called Rudolph's gonna make the scene
And Santa's gonna do what he can
But this cat rocks, till the christmas bells gonna ring...

Bop, Bop, everybody hop...

Courtesy of Pascal Snijders