(S. Heinze - Big Bad Shakin')

When I get up in the morning at four
I drink a cup of coffee then I open the door
I make all the pumps and nozzles ready to go
Soon the first truck stops, flow, gas, flow

At the Rockabilly pump
At the Rockabilly pump
At the Rockbailly pump
That's where they all stop

At 9 the mailman comes in and fills up
Even bank clerks fill their tanks to the top
The major calls in for a quick oil change
But I'm still busy fixing Melody's flange
At the Rockabilly pump...

And when the lights turn low I am ready to go
Hard days' day work makes me put on a show
They play my music at the city's record hop
Just outside at the Premium pump
At the Rockabilly pump...

Courtesy of Sören Heinze