(Troy Shondell)
BOB LUMAN (HICKORY 1564, 1970 / EPIC 11039, 1973)

Still loving you, just like before
Hold me now, I love you more
More every day, more every way
Still loving you

Still wanting you, more every night
In every dream, I hold you tight
Then with the dawn, my heart goes on
Still loving you (still loving you)

Well, my heart's been broken now
Too long time I thought it didn't matter much
But now I find, since you have gone from me
Your love keeps calling me
And I think I'll lose my mind

Still loving you, and wishing that
Some miracle, would bring you back
Oh, set me free, so I won't be
Still loving you (still loving you)

Also recorded by Troy Shondell and Eddy Arnold