[Solid Sender EP]

Well there's a right time and there's a wrong time
But there is no time like how to do some parkin'
Yes if you dig me the way I dig you
Well let's take my 44 and let's go sparkin'

Yes underneath the stars, we're parked with all the cars
Underneath the moon above, yes we'll fall in love
Well let's not delay, let's notify the REA
Yes we'll make some hay when we go sparkin'

[Steel & Guitar]

Well if you die for something more, down at the package liquor store
We'll tie one on tonight that's guaranteed
Yes if you want to have a real good time, throw a party with my last dime
It's you and me tonight and that's agreed

All those pretty kilowatts, will give us everything he's got
Up to lover's lane I'll take her to blow a circuit breaker
If you notice up on high, a new line up in the sky
It's just my baby and I a-goin' sparkin'

[Guitar & Steel]

I tell you friends I'm gettin' plenty
Last night she ran her own 220
I love to take my baby going sparkin'

Courtesy of Bjorn Witlox,