(Richard Berry)
THE FLAIRS (FLAIR 1012, 1953)

She wants to rock
What can I do, I'll rock with you
Come on let's do, just me and you
She wants to take all of me
But that won't do

I'll tell you a story that's never been told
About a little girl who was so bold
She used to get up a rock and go to bed on the sand
I'll never forget, it was a crying shame

She wants to rock, ooh, all night long
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh, rock me

Well, I come home from work
All tired and sore
She meets me rockin' at the door
I said, ease up baby, can't you see
Real good rockin' be the death of me

She wants to rock
I tried to hop
I called the cops
I started to run
I hit the door
Ahw, help me somebody
Before she rocks me through the floor

She wanted to rock, oh
(She wants to rock)
She wanted to rock, yes
(She wants to rock)
She wanted to rock, please
(She wants to rock)
Won't you stop rockin'
Oh, don't do it
Please quit girl
Help, help me somebody