(Schreiber - Glaze)
THE DUVALS (Sophisti-Cat Records, 1996)

Well, there's a brand new cat flew into town
'Bout a week ago today
I ain't never seen his face before
He ain't got much to say
Redneck jazz is all he has tuned on his radio
Looks like he might be one of us
But man I just don't know
He's the kinda guy, it ain't no lie
He's too fast to live, too young to die

Well, there's grease on all his fingers
It's been there since fifty-four
He's got black cope leather jacket
Like Marlon Brando wore
But if you cross his path
You might make your very last mistake
He'll stab you down with a switchblade knife
Just to watch you shake
Well, if you see a rumble brewing
You best get him on your side
He's too fast to live and much too young to die
Yeah, he's too fast to live, much too young to die
Ma-ma-ma, he's too fast to live
But much too young to die!