(Vesa Haaja)

Well, I'm a two-gun daddy, and you'd better get out of my way
I'm a mean eyed cat, get down on your knees and pray
That two-faced woman told her love was true
And everything was fine until she found new
I'm a two-gun daddy, shooting down both her and you

I'm a double-crossed cat, angry as I could be
I'm a let-down papa, reckless guy on a killing spree
My guns are loaded, hanging on my hips
I keep on tracking those lieing lips
I'm a two gun daddy, when I find you, you'd better run

You should have thought twice before betraying me
Now you really put stop on my reverie,
I once loved you right from my heart,
Did you really think that you was so smart

I'm a two-gun daddy, I'm mean as I could be
That cheating woman left me drift like a ship on a sea
Now my guns are loaded, I won't do mistakes
When I track you down, the whole town it shakes
I'm a two-gun daddy, two bullets are all it takes

Courtesy of Vesa Haaja