(Pete Näsman - Johnny Flight)

I have a dream

Yippee-i-ay Yippee-i-o
Take a ride towards the golden land of the West
Peaceful place with glorious sun sets
The statue of liberty is waiting for us yet
Take a ride towards the west, it's sure the best

There Gary Cooper is still the sheriff
Eddie played first time that well known riff
And free men can still carry a six-gun
Ku Klux Klan and Disneyland have fun

Remember dead Kennedys and King
Even Lennon wasn't under an angels wing
Can't miss Little Big Horn and Rosewell
Electric chair please wait in a death cell

Don't forget cruising nuclear missiles
Marilyn Monroe and other X-files
Though C.I.A is not an old joke
Relax now don't buy a pig in a poke
- can I have a coke

John Lee Hooker was sure singing boom boom
While Armstrong took the first steps on the moon
Maybe you can still here call of the wild
Echoes from past crying Indian child

Eyes on, Dolly Parton and her boobs
Cowboys with dusty stetsons and boots
Always a big hurry time is money
A land flowing with blood and honey

Visit in L.A. and Hollywood hills
Candy man, home grown drugs and pills
Hiroshima smacked by Enola Gay
Oh what a truly beautiful day - made in U.S.A
Oh what a beautiful day.....
Viva L'America
Oh baby that's what I like

Courtesy of Boppin' Pete