(Vesa Haaja)

The neon lights must have blinded my eyes
In a search of fortune and fame
I could give you a tip to every joint by the strip
And in reno they all know my name
I'm a fool for the decks and cold longnecks
And there the reason might be
Why the magic couple of two and one
Have always avoided me

Give me an 8 - 6 - 4 - 3: twenty-one
And a pretty little girlie, woo-wee
If the fortune's ever made a fool out of anyone
He sure hit the bull's eye with me
They say the looser in game must be lucky in love
But here's an exception to the rule
But with the 8 - 6 - 4 - 3: twenty-one
I wouldn't be so doggone blue


I've been to nevada, even Tijuana,
Seen Oneida too
When it comes to the deal, my nerves are made of steel
Any ol' casino will do
There's only 52 chances to win or loose
In blackjack and game of life
I got me a jack and a five on a stack
All I need is just another five


Courtesy of Vesa Haaja