(G. Carmichael)

I'd raise the highest mountain, drain the seven seas
Just to have you right here honey next to me
I'd lie and cheat and steal, get on my knees and kneel
Since you own my heart I'd sell the rest of me

My Veronica, sweet Veronica
There's just nothing in the world I wouldn't do
My Veronica, sweet Veronica
I'm gonnna make you love me like I love you

Well, I'd walk a pirates' plank, attack a Panzer tank
Break into Ford Knox and rip off all the gold
You're the one I blame, 'cause when I hear your name
The love I feel for you comes on so big and bold


I'd walk around the clock, I would never stop
If that's what it would take to have you by my side
I would never sleep and all I own is yours to keep
There's nothing I would leave undone or leave untried

[Chorus 2x]