(Johnny Meeks)
THE BLUE CAPS (Magnum Force, 1982)

All the kids now days like to hear me perform
Rock and roll music like before they were born
And I think it's great that they dig those sounds
That rockabilly music that we laid down
Just the other night down in New Orleans
I saw a little chick, a real teenage queen
Rockin' and a-boppin', a cute little filly
And man how she loved that rockabilly
I asked her would she like to hear some different sounds
The next time we play here in your hometown
She looked at me and said don't be silly
I'm really diggin' this rockabilly, go!

So I took her advice and to this very day
If you ever come around and hear me play
Don't think I'm daffy and don't think I'm silly
I'm just all wrapped up in this rockabilly, well go!
Oh, I could just play it forever I think I will!

Go, cats, go
Go, cats, go
Go, cats, go
Go, cats, go