No More Nothin', The 2-Tones
Rarity C192657, 2001

The 2-Tones are a well known band from the Dutch rockabilly scene. Members of the 2-Tones played in some swing, jive and rockabilly bands before, like The Starlets, Bobo's, Swingtones and The Donuts. There was always fame and fortune nationwide as well as internationally, and when these bands fell apart, there were still a lot of gig requests. So the guys decided to start a new band called The 2-Tones, now the crowd can again enjoy their spectacular show, a show that will give you that 40s or 50s feeling again. The 2 Tones mix several styles from the rock 'n' roll era - like swing, jive, country, rock 'n' roll and rockabilly - and create their own sound, played on authentic 50s instruments.

The band's debutr CD has a large collection of songs, 24 all together, of which only the title song is a self penned original. I guess they don't have big bass woofers at the Session Sound Recordings Studios, where this album was recorded, because there's a lot of bass on this CD, a bit too much if you ask me. If you're playing it on your crummy PC speakers, it sounds okay, but if you're playing it on a powerfull hi-fi set with active subwoofers, like I do, the bass is some what "overwhelming".

The CD has an inlay booklet, with some nice pics, the usual Rarity catalog and a listing of the song details. Too bad nobody bothered to do any decent research on the details, because there are a lot of mistakes in 'em. Also some songtitles are shortened and on several occasions songs are not credited to the orginal author.

Devil Woman & Jean Vincent - March 22nd, 2003

I first saw the 2-Tones live on stage at the annual New Years Party in Lieshout, Holland. I was impressed by their wild and enthusiastic stage show. Especially 'Devil Woman' on bass is a sight for sore eyes. The band also did a tremendous job backing Jean Vincent at the 1st Dutch Teddy Boy Festival in Vlissingen (March 22, 2003). What a show!

2-Tones at the New Years Party, Lieshout - Januari 11th, 2003

The 2-Tones are:
Tony "SwingTony" Gilde - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jolanda "Devil Woman" De Regt - Upright Bass
Erik "Enrico" Knulst - Rhythm Guitar, Banjo
Rik "Ricky" Lingier - Drums

Contact & bookings:
'Swing Tony' Gilde
Assumburg 61
4385EH Vlissingen
Phone: +31 620034880 / +31 118466623 
Jaap: +31 624610227

Rarity Records:

Reviewed  by The BlackCat, 2001-2003

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