Diggin' Out, Jack Baymoore & The Bandits  
Tail Records TRCD120

Jack Baymoore & The Bandits need no introduction to most rockabilly fans, they've been around for quite a while and get rave reviews from all kinds of sources for their excellent gigs and recordings. If you want to know a little more about their history, check out our website for a biography and review of earlier releases.

And here it is, the long awaited new Jack Baymoore CD, with 10 out of 14 self-penned songs, ranging from western bop, through rockabilly to the desperate sounds of late 50's rock 'n' roll. The sound is a bit more 1950's "big studio" than was the case on previous recordings, but of course there are tracks in the more rural vein as well. And for the vinyl lovers amongst you, the record will soon be available on LP too.

Kent's voice is as great as ever before, and arguable sounds more and more like early Elvis or Ral Donner, especially on the slower songs. A fabulous singer with a warm tender voice that will thrill many Presley fan. Check out "To Fall In Love" and/or "I Wish You Were Here" is you won't believe me. Of course Jack (or Kent) can also do some real raw rockabilly with his wonderful U.S. Southern accent. Yes, I know Kent is from Sweden :-)

I can't help but like each and every song on this album, so I'm not gonna write a note on every title, because that would result in only oohs-aahs-great-and-fabulous anyway. One song that caught my immediate attention is "Bankrobbin' Rock 'n' Roll", a real gone rockabilly track in the same awesome style as their record hop favorite "Fireball Roberts". What a sound, what an energy! Some credits also go to Tail Records, who have never failed to deliver great authentic sounds and fantastic productions. Keep on doin' what ya doin' guys!

Move On / Pink Dress (And A Diamond Belt) / Partycrashers Bop / To Fall In Love / Poor Heart / I Wanta Make Love / Bandit Ball / I'll Miss You / Shake Around / Bankrobbin' R&R / I Wish You Were Here / Rock 'n' Roll Mister Moon / Mr. Love

Jack Baymoore & the Bandits are:
Jack Baymoore (Kent Vikmo) - Vocals
Antti Pihkanen - Electric Guitar
Jyrki "JJ" Juvonen - Electric and Steel Guitar
Jan Larsson - Double Bass
Tage Pihkanen - Drums

Contact information:

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003

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