Evil On Your Mind, The Stumbleweeds
Spinout Records, SpinCD026

The Stumbleweeds are a Boston-based, classic country/rockabillyband, active since 1999. The band's drivin'force is lead vocalist Lynnette Lenker who also plays acoustic guitar. The band plays a lot of weekenders and festivals all over the USA and Canada and also, as they state themselves, the band frequents the local pubs and watering holes of New England.

"Evil On Your Mind" contains six originals and 9 coversongs. After I gave it a spin I cannot conclude anything else than that I like it a lot. The title song and first track, Jan Howard's "Evil On Your Mind" has been recorded with an authentic rockabilly feel and Lynnette Lenker's pleasant vocals, and Lisa Beauregard on backing vocals turn this song into a winner.

Second song, "Baby I Still Love You" is an original from Ms. Lenker herself. It's a kind of Tammy Wynnette honky tonk. Great song, great vocals, great guitarpickin' just one thing: Dear Lynnette, never ever EVER tell a guy to put down his whisky bottle ;-) Track three is a marvellous rendition of Wanda Jackson's "A Girl Don't Have To Drink (To Have Fun)" which is a songtitle we guys can live with. Great song again. Next one is another honkytonker, written by Mike Feudale, a former member of the Stumbleweeds, and it's a genuine boozer song, before the hangover strikes that is. Some impressive crying guitar licks in this one.

Every song sounds equally bright and catchy and if this was a country website I'm sure we'd reward it with five stars, but since we're a rockabilly website, we're reviewing from a slighty different angle. Overall there's not enough plain rockabilly on this platter to file this one under rockabilly, or for that matter, satisfy my personal taste for good ol' rock 'n' roll, allthough this is a great cd, and I was overwhelmed by Leon Payne's "I Love You Because", a smash hit for Al Martine, Jim Reeves and even the late Man in Black.

Evil On Your Mind / Baby I Still Love You / A Girl Don't Have To Drink (To Have Fun) / Had Enough / Saving My Love / Only Mama That'll Walk The Line / Hard Times Ahead / Running Out Of Money / Look Out Heart / Doggone Thing / My Baby Just Walked Right Out On Me / The Trouble With Girls / I Love You Because / Pennsyltucky / Tearin' Up The Town

The Stumbleweeds are:
Lynnette Lenker - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dennis Kelly (Big Earl) - Lead Guitar
Jack Hanlon - Dog House Bass
Lisa Beauregard - Backing Vocals
Johnny Coté - Drums

Contact information:
The Stumbleweeds
147 Groton Road
N. Chelmsford
MA, USA 01863


Spinout Records:

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006