Out Of Control, Jet Black Combo
Heptown Records, 2005

Jet Black Combo is a new band from Malmö, Sweden, formed late 2004 by members of the now legendary rockers 69-HARD. This new band did about 8 rehearsals, got themselves a record deal (without the record company even hearing a tone first!) and cut 13 songs in two days, early 2005. They even managed to book their first gig before the band had ever rehearsed or even had a name! If you know what 69-HARD did, you know what to expect: sort of rockabilly, but this time with two big spoonfulls of bad ass attitude, some country fried licks and sexy honking horns added in the mix.

After listening to just one song, the intro "Welcome To The Show", all the hairs in my neck are standing out and I'm trembling all over. Very, VERY fast neo-rockabilly, bending towards psychobilly, with an energy you can hardly imagine if you haven't heard the song. I can guarantee you, this is NOT for the genuine Elvis fan, neither was it meant to be. Everything about this album is wild and frantic. Is it rockabilly? Oh yes! The hard thumping double bass keeps a steady rhythm, guitars are shrieking through my speakers, piano and horns... yes horns, very cewl. The Jet Black Combo is definitly "Out of Control".

If you are into authentic rockabilly only, you gotta let this one pass. But if you're a neo-rockabilly fan, if you you dig the new rockabilly sound that emerged in the 80's, if you like your music fast and out-of-control, you gotta listen to this. "Wild and Frantic" doesn't even come close to describing this outrageous act...

Jet Black Combo line-up:
Kalle Metz - Vocals
Mats Jeppsson - Guitars
Christian Fridlund - Double Bass
Marcel Strub - Drums
Andreas Gruvstedt - Horns

Welcome To The Show / Fat Boy Bop / Sure Hot Mama / Baby, Don't You Know / Back To Bonneville / Out Of Control / Devil's Train / Number Thirteen / Rock The House / White-Knuckle Danger / The Only One / Saturday Night... / Roll The Dice

Contact information:

Heptown Records
Sankt Larsväg 21
SE-222 70 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)46-211 14 49


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005

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