The Rumble Man, Link Wray
Cherry Red Films, CRDVD28

Released on DVD by Cherry Red Films in 2003, The Rumble Man was filmed during Link Wray's U.K. Tour of March 1996 and is a mix of live footage and documentary, featuring an extensive interview with the man himself. I've always been a Link Wray fan myself, and I know that he influenced many great guitarists among which of course one of todays best instrumental pickers Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets, Neanderthals, Planet Rockers).

If you listen to Link's early recordings you'll find it pretty amazing how raw and energetic his guitar playing sounds. And this was the late fifties! If you are one in the crowd of people who think rock music was born in the 60s, think again! This DVD is a jewel and a historic document indeed, born in 1929, Link is aged 67 when this was recorded, but he sure doesn't look it! He is as raw and untamed as he was in the 50s, when Link's music was a whole decade ahead of its time. Believe me, you gotta see this!

Liner notes:
Imagine it's 1954, you're a young kid who's just got hold of a copy of Elvis Presley's latest Sun 45 "Good Rockin' Tonight". Pure Rock 'n' Roll. You slap it on the turntable shakin' along whilst your parents are off to the local Baptist church to pray for your soul.

Suddenly it's 1958 and you just picked up this crazy instrumental shaker called "Rumble". The opening D Chord (the most important D Chord in musical history) has you on your knees and it's then that your parents know you're long gone. Who's to blame? Link Wray, that's who! But who's Link Wray? In many ways, like Gene Vincent, he's one of the lost legends of Rock 'n' Roll who has inspired and influenced so many artists like Pete Townsend, Neil Young, The MC5, The Stooges, to name a few. For without Link Wray there would have been no Garage Punk, no Punk Rock, and even no Heavy Metal.

The Rumble Man is a piece of Rock 'n' Roll history. In his own words and music you are about to witness the greatest guitar player this planet has ever seen. So sit back, hit that volume control to distortion and listen to The Rumble Man. Way cool daddyo! (By the Saucerman, April 1996)

Rumble, Jack The Ripper, Ace of Spades, King Creole, Mr. Guitar, Tiger man, Batman, I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You, Sweeper, You're So Young And Beautiful, Rumble, Rawhide, Run Chicken Run, Deuces Wild, Walking Down A Street Called Love, Jailhouse Rock, Born To Be Wild, Fire, I Didn't Cheat on You

An 18 track audio CD of Link's U.K. Tour is also available on Cherry Red CDMRED227 titled "Walking Down A Street Called Love".

Cherry Red Records Ltd. 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004

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